Carolina Hurricanes Badge
  • JR1JR1 October 2012

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Carolina Hurricanes
    2. Checkin at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC during a game
    3. Checkin at any NHL venue where the Carolina Hurricanes are currently playing.
    4. Checkin to the event
    To Level Up:
    1. Checkin 3 more times for level 2
    2. Checkin 5 more times for levels 3-10
    3. Only 1 checkin per game counts

    Unlock instructions verified 01/18/2013


    Here is the NHL Sechdule so you can find when and where the next game will be
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Unlock message:
    "And that's another Carolina Hurricanes check-in. WOOO! Let's Go #Canes!"
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Space for future updates
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Badge showing up grayed out in the trophy case now. Should be active soon.
  • TinyArchibaldTinyArchibald October 2012
    Hahaha, Don't hold your breath for this one guys. If you follow sports even the least bit, you'll be aware that the NHL is currently under lockout for the current season. The last time this happened, the entire 2004-2005 season was cancelled. Even if this one is showing greyed out in the trophy case, it probably won't be active anytime soon
  • TinyArchibaldTinyArchibald October 2012
    Kind of ironic that the team is setting up badges, when they should be focusing on the collective bargaining agreement.
  • XtriforXtrifor December 2012
    Sat Dec 15, 2012 Hurricanes vs. Flyers 1:00 PM ET

    Possible badge we've been waiting for will active?
  • RainWave23RainWave23 December 2012
    The NHL is still in a lockout as mentioned above. If there are no games, it likely will not become active at this time.

    You see that date on the schedule because all games through December 14th have been canceled.

    Also, as a reminder, there is no need to post the same question in multiple discussions. It will not increase the chance of it getting answered. I have deleted the question you posted in another discussion accordingly.
  • denztyodenztyo January 2013
    so when NHL 2012/2013 will start?
  • nuevicnuevic January 2013
    Nobody knows, just keep on looking at the news
  • choad17choad17 January 2013
    NHL is in a lockout. There will be no 2012/2013 season
  • JonatasMoreJonatasMore January 2013

    It starts on the 15th of January? Right?
  • vecvec January 2013
    That's wishful think by They have put us fans through this before so we don't have any expectations that there will be a season this year.
  • XtriforXtrifor January 2013
    Can't say, last month NHL released a schedule too but in the end everything cancelled and still in lockout. So I don't expect to this badge until someone actually unlocks it, then its true.
  • TinyArchibaldTinyArchibald January 2013
    From ESPN........Tentative agreement was reached this morning between NHL and the players union, so we will have some games this season. But no concrete date is set yet.
  • XtriforXtrifor January 2013
    Possible badge unlock?

    Saturday Jan 19, 2013 Hurricanes vs Panthers 7:30 PM ET

    Venue: BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL

  • SatSat January 2013
    BB&T Center doesn't have any event. Hope it will be created tomorrow, because 'un_event_ual' check ins usually don't give badges
  • JR1JR1 January 2013
  • Unlocking now for those (like me) who missed it the first time. Venue is PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC
  • desikim February 2013
    I'm having the same problem with this badge as the Vancouver Canucks. I've checked into the event and got the points and liked their team page on 4sq, but not getting the badge. Does anyone have an idea if Carolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks badges are on actual checkins only (I've been doing mobile checkins)
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    @desikim mobile checkins for events hasn't worked for quite a while
  • desikim February 2013
    I've got the Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals and New York Islanders and leveled up sing mobile checkins. The vancouver canucks and Carolina badges aren't popping for me though :(
  • CommonDisasterCommonDisaster February 2013
    @desikim I got level 3 of the Canucks and the Hurricanes badges on 1/28/13 and all of my check-ins have been via the mobile site. Wish I knew why it isn't working for you.
  • lol220lol220 February 2013
    Just FYI, I have just tested with all 3 of the NHL badges' events for today(1 Feb, 2013) and indeed they're all invalid atm which don't pop a single badge. No idea why today's NHL events are invalid but the previous events still does unlock or level up. Maybe 4sqr forgot to do something like "set as valid venue" or maybe system settings went wrong or something else.
  • vanzvanz February 2013
    Where to unlock this ? Venue pls....
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    @vanz there is not live game today. Any unlocks are from HWF
  • vanzvanz February 2013
    Ok. Thz @choad17. Tml got game, but dunno venue.
  • vanzvanz February 2013
    No unlock after c/i.... :(
  • izz999 February 2013
    No unlock sad
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