MGM Grand Insider Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2012

    How to Unlock
    1. Follow the MGM Grand
    2. Checkin at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
    3. Then check in at 2 different recommended venues (restaurant, bar, nightlife, gaming, etc.)
    4. Checkins must be over 2 days
    5. Previous checkins count.

    Badge specific to Las Vegas, NV
    Unlock instructions verified on: 06/28/2012

  • JR1JR1 June 2012
    Unlock Message:
    "Test your inner crime-solver at the new attraction, CSI: The Experience! This MGM Grand badge gets you 50% off CSI: The Experience! Show this screen to the CSI: The Experience box office to take advantage of this offer Management reserves all rights."
  • JR1JR1 June 2012
    Space for future updates
  • dom0kendom0ken June 2012
    I'm so tempted to go jumping for this looks amazing!
  • Awesome badge, got it on the 3 check in on the 2nd day
  • JR1JR1 February 2013
    Badge retired
  • pchin2pchin2 April 2013
    Just unlocked this badge! This badge is indeed reactivated! Yehey for those who had missed out earlier! :)
  • JR1JR1 April 2013
  • RokinmamaRokinmama April 2013
    Finally got it :)
  • kingpin623kingpin623 June 2013
    This is the 3rd badge I've seen that was introduced sometime after June 25, 2012 only to be retired a few short months later... But then I see some are reactivated... I HOPE they are reactivated!! What was the point of unveiling them if they were just going to retire them so quickly?! I missed at least 2 of these 9 newest Vega$ badges by a mere 2-3 days (having last been in Vega$ on 6/25/12). I hope my trip out there next week yields more than this forum has lead me to expect (i.e., hope to see a bunch of these reactivated!)... <:-0
  • kingpin623kingpin623 June 2013
    Got it with a single checkin to the MGM Grand Lion Statue -- an early birthday present! I missed this badge by only 3 days: I left Vegas on 6/25/12, and the badge was introduced 6/28/12. Talk about patience...
  • kingpin623kingpin623 June 2013
    To clarify: I didn't unlock the badge with a single checkin overall, just a single checkin this trip. I had checkins from last year counting toward it. But basically confirming that previous checkins do indeed count!
  • MeeLoper October 2013
    still active, got it today
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