Bosphorus Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2011

    How to Unlock:
    1. Follow this list: Bosphorus (optional)
    2. Check in to 5 venues from their list

    Badge specific to the İstanbul, Turkey

    Unlock instructions verified on: 12/01/2011

    The Bosphorus Bridge
    Istiklal Caddesi
    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2011
    Unlock Message: "You’ve traipsed across the Seven Hills and spent the morning in Europe and the afternoon in Asia. You know the Bagdat Caddesi like the back of your hand and can spot a good kebab cart a kilometer away. You’ve visited the best of Istanbul! Tebrikler!!"
  • KaplangiraNKaplangiraN December 2011
    My Lovely city's badge... everyday every nıght swarming... gonna get thıs badge ın here ... ıts long old fashıon shoppıng street...ğdat-caddesi/4b49cb0ff964a520b67326e3
  • MartininBrussels December 2011
    A Fez! What an amazing badge. Congrats to Istanbul.
  • neiceek December 2011
    no unlock instructions
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2011
    Working on it
  • MartininBrussels December 2011
    How to unlock:
    1 Follow this page:
    2 Go to 5 of the places on that page
  • neiceek December 2011
  • Unlock all 3 badges@thanks for info
  • _KenOng__KenOng_ December 2011
    I some how got a different badge doesn't look like this at all..
  • DarrenSaturnicDarrenSaturnic December 2011
    What's the badge name?
  • donaldkksdonaldkks December 2011
    I didn't follow any brand page and just checkin, also got the badge :O (The badge design actually changed from one to the on it shows above).
  • farisyi1farisyi1 December 2011
    european tour from london,paris and the last istanbul (y)
  • DarrenSaturnicDarrenSaturnic December 2011
    Huh? So u mean by not following brand check in, u get another different badge? What's the badge?
  • BrandonBrandon December 2011
    Yeah, the fez isn't exactly cool in modern day Turkey.
  • LikesTravelLikesTravel December 2011
    The picture of the badge is diferent between normal web and mobile web , so strange ...... when I see my badge in mobile is one and when I see it normal website is another :S
  • MartininBrussels December 2011
    You are right. First it was a Fez and now it's a castle like image. I guess 4sq decided the Fez is not a correct association for modern day Turkey... Like representing Amsterdam with a wooden shoe...
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2011
    What you guys may be seeing is a cache version of what it should be. The castle one that we have posted here is directly from Foursquare's servers and ours updated as soon as they updated theirs
  • HarjifangkiHarjifangki December 2011
    That's neat.
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2011
    Added 5 venues from list
  • BonsaiCatBonsaiCat December 2011
    The fez reappeared in my trophy case on the web site, I have the building on my phone instead. Strange.
  • IAm_MrTettehIAm_MrTetteh September 2012
    these venues are always swarming, and i got my turkcell badge too at the third check in
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