Jacksonville Jaguars Badge
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    How to Unlock
    1. Like the Jacksonville Jaguars
    2. Checkin at Everbank Field during a home game
    3. Checkin at any away game
    4. Must checkin to the event when you checkin
    To Level this badge up:
    level 2-5: 2 checkins per level after you unlock the badge
    level 6-10: 5 checkins per level after you unlock level 5 of the badge


    Unlock instructions verified on: 10/20/2012
  • TymoraTymora August 2011
    Unlock Message:
    "They're on the prowl and they're feeling bold. Get ready for some teal, black, and gold. Go Jaguars!"
  • Lorren13Lorren13 August 2011
    something is up with this badge, the Jaguars page went from saying

    "Follow us and check in on foursquare at EverBank Field on game day. You'll discover great places to visit, unlock our official badge, and be able to participate in sweepstakes!"

    to now saying

    "Follow us and check in on foursquare at EverBank Field on game day. You'll discover great places to visit, find specials, and be able to participate in sweepstakes!"

    check it out https://foursquare.com/jaguars
  • TymoraTymora August 2011
    Badge may have fallen through. It happens. Thatd what the "never activated" catagory is for.
  • This is my to die for / must have badge :) hopefully can get this thundercat baby :p
  • justindudejustindude August 2011
    probablly not going to happen
  • neiceek September 2011
    have we heard anything about this badge i noticed that they are playing today.
  • choad17choad17 September 2011
    Badge fell through
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Badge moved from never activated to upcoming and discussion reopened.

    Unlock instructions updated.

    Badge now showing up grayed out in the trophy case.
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Well it only took 15 months from when we first listed this as an upcoming badge then gave up on the hope of it happening and moved it to never activated however we can now finally say.......


    Side note: This badge does level
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Here is the venue they are playing at today:

    The O.co Coliseum
    7000 Coliseum Way (at Hegenberger Rd)
    Oakland, CA 94621-1917
  • budweiser9818 October 2012
    Coordinates 37.7514 -122.2009 real checkin
  • abbeemalik13abbeemalik13 October 2012
    somebody help me for unlock this badge, cuz i use nokia lumia :(
    I've not android, help me..
  • playaz78playaz78 October 2012
    Any future fixtures for this badge?
  • CommonDisasterCommonDisaster October 2012
    10/28/12: Jacksonville @ Green Bay Packers. Stadium: Lambeau Field. Address: 1265 Lombardi Dr, Green Bay, WI 54304.

    11/4/12: Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville. Stadium: EverBank Field. Address: One EverBank Field Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

    11/11/12: Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville. Stadium: EverBank Field. Address: One EverBank Field Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

    11/18/12: Jacksonville @ Houston Texans. Stadium: Reliant Stadium. Address: One Reliant Park, Houston, TX, 77054.

    11/25/12: Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville. Stadium: EverBank Field. Address: One EverBank Field Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

    I'll try to get coordinates when I can, hope this helps.
  • dannyboyisme October 2012
    @CommonDisaster: thanks!!
  • Roger_WilcoRoger_Wilco October 2012
    wikipedia says:
    44°30′5″N 88°3′44″W for Lambeau Field, Green Bay
  • choad17choad17 October 2012
    Great is there an event?
  • NikolaosBNikolaosB October 2012
    I don't see an event, although there should be one- anyone knows why?
  • choad17choad17 October 2012
    Well the games technically doesn't start for 30mins but I don't think anyone knows why there is no event
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    It's not the 1st time that 4sqr has failed to load the events for the day. Everyone will just have to wait till the game next week and hopefully 4sqr has their act back together by then.
  • liquidxsolidliquidxsolid October 2012
    There haven't been events for any of the games today. Maybe it has to do with the hurricane that's about to hit New York? A lot of people have already evacuated. Probably why the people at Foursquare aren't being very responsive. I don't know if they can fix this stuff remotely.
  • BrandonBrandon October 2012
    All of that stuff can be done from anywhere.
  • liquidxsolidliquidxsolid October 2012
    Yeah, but I'm saying that they are probably focused on more important things right now.
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    It's not the 1st time they have not loaded the events and it wont be the last. Just have to hope that they will remember to load them next week. In the past they have gone several weeks in a row with out loading any events. So just sit tight and keep trying every week until the events show up again. And on a side note due to how often this has happened I would seriously doubt it had anything to do with the storm.
  • choad17choad17 November 2012
    Event @ Everbank Field in Jacksonville, FL.
  • starbugstarbug November 2012
    If u need a swarm badge also...322 people are checked in now.
  • lol220lol220 November 2012
    Hmm.. just FYI..
    this is how I level up this badge:

    Level 2-5: 1 checkin(game) per level after unlock the badge.
    Level 6: 5 more checkins(game) after unlock Level 5.
    Level 7-10: Still don't know yet. Maybe is 5 checkins(game) per level.

    After few IDs testing, only 1 checkin(game) will be counted/valid per day. It seems there is no more multi-valid-game-checkins in one day.
  • lots of ppl are levelling now but i cant do it? when i ci theres no event now .
  • bronson25bronson25 November 2012
    Ya wor, why no event to check in ?
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