Player Please Badge
  • TriZzzTriZzz March 2011
    Player Please

    How to Unlock:
    1. Have 3 friends of the opposite sex checkin to one venue
    2. Checkin to the venue after they do
    3. Checkins must be done on an official 4sqr app

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/18/2013

    To get this badge checkins have to be done with a official 4sqr app. Checkins from 4sqr mobile will not get you this badge, checking with HWF will not work, "here with" checkins will not work. Everyone must checkin with an official app or the badge will not unlock.

    You can also use this thread to set up Player Please requests

    From @JR1 If u really cant find 3 people of the opposite sex to checkin with you just make 3 new 4sq proflies for the opposite sex. Then make sure you friend all of them and check all 4 of u into the same venue using a smart phone. That will also get you the badge.

    Unlock Message:
    "Look at you, checking in with 3 members of the opposite sex! Player, please!"
  • vecvec March 2011
    If you can't get your opposite sex friends in one place at the same time then the cheat for this badge is to change your sex in your profile.

    Make sure to change it back after getting the badge or some rumors may start about you!
  • ChaunceChaunce March 2011
    You also need to be sure that all friends are friends with each other before checking into a venue
  • Pete_NicePete_Nice March 2011
    Is it true that you have to be the last one to check in to get the badge?
  • TriZzzTriZzz March 2011
    That's how it worked for me. But I can't confirm's just how I happened to checkin when I got it.
  • ChaunceChaunce March 2011
    No, you don't have to be the last one checked in, otherwise only one person would get the badge. The other people that check in before the required 4, will get the badge retroactive as long as it hasn't been longer than 2 hours I believe.
  • TriZzzTriZzz April 2011
    Depending on the situation, if I checkin with 3 members of the opposite sex, the lovely ladies who checked in with me wouldn't be eligible for the badge unless they had two other guy friends who checked in also...
  • I am getting confused :S
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    Are you confused on the unlock directions?

    It is fairly easy. One male must have three female friends. All three of those female friends must also be friends with each other. Then all four check into a venue together.

    The same thing is true for a female. She must have three male friends that are all friends with each other. Then all four check into a venue together.

    That's it.
  • Rosew April 2011
    How to unlock this badge??? Appreciate if anyone can help me. Tq!
  • outrunsorrowoutrunsorrow April 2011
    If any guys are going to Coachella next weekend and can help unlock the Player Please badge, my Foursquare username is outrunsorrow. Let's do this!
  • TriZzzTriZzz April 2011
    My name on 4Sq is TriZzz. If you give me a venue and a date/time, I will be glad to help you. Please note that I am either you need to be a female or change your gender on your 4sq profile to female.
  • wickednoize April 2011
    #NowFollowing you , Im wickednoize
  • iMrWilliMrWill April 2011
    I can tell you all this badge requires is you check in with 3 members of the opposite sex. These 3 members do NOT have to be friends with eachother, but you must be friends with all 3 of them.
  • JR1JR1 April 2011
    Also keep in mind that this badge has to be done through a smartphone app or an app that counts you as being at the venue and not the moblie website... If u try it through moblie web you will not get this badge. Also if u really cant find 3 ppl of the op sex to checkin with you just make 3 new 4sq proflies for the op sex make sure you friend all of them and check all 4 of u into the same venue using a smart phone app and u can get the badge that way too...
  • Hello Matters-friends....I would like to unlock this badge. I'd appreciate if anyone can (three girls). Just let me know pleaseeee. my user is, add me as friend first! THANK YOUUUUU
  • TriZzzTriZzz May 2011
    If you'd be willing to change your gender on Foursquare for a day, I'm sure you'll find it easier to get three guys here willing to help, rather than trying to find 3 women. I'll be happy to help if you let me know a venue and time (preferably with which time zone you'd be in as well).
  • Hi guys, thanks for the explanation. Clearly understood now. I'll try to organize it with our friends in Indonesia
  • LucaLuca May 2011
    Hi, I just followed all instructions.. now I'm logged in with 3 opposite sex accounts, all of them friends with each other, all checked-in by iPhone, but no badge has been unlocked.
    Any idea?
  • The three different opposite sex must check in first and must be a real time check in before you can check in.For example:

    Use Pocketcrowd,check in the all three males/females into 1 location,then only you check in using Pocketcrowd too into the same location.Hope this helps.
  • LucaLuca May 2011
    Unlocked! thanks a lot! ;)
  • No problem :)
  • TymoraTymora May 2011
    I can help with player please if anyone needs it. Hit me up (I'm female). I have friends that will as well.
  • MorrMorr June 2011
    Just confirming all 4 (3 males 1 female) can use potcketcrowd to check in....if true any males checking into the us soccer game today
  • TymoraTymora June 2011
    I guess that's been recently changed. I just tried it few days ago and its a fail
  • MorrMorr June 2011
  • KeepflyKeepfly June 2011
    please help me too... i'm female...
  • MorrMorr June 2011
    I am going to be "visiting" San far to work on the train badge
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    Train badge?
  • MorrMorr June 2011
    Trainspotter Badge, check into BART, there is a discussion in the active badges. If you are planning a visit to sf....I was able to get the socialite badge (all sf), bravo newbie, looking for love, real house wife, I am on a boat (not sure if other cities checks counted towards), historian, swimmies, fresh brew (other city did count towards but think you could get them all here.
  • TymoraTymora June 2011
    I have to set up my lap top to try this whole tweetdeck thing. After that, I have three friends who don't use their 4sq accounts and I have accesss to them so I can make male or female. In a day or so when I get comfortable with tweetdeck I can help people with player please
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