Mario Batali Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Mario Batali
    2. Checkin at 3 of his restaurants, between 5pm & 1am (local time)

    Venues in: NYC, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Port Chester NY, & Singapore

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011

    Venue List:
    Mario Batali

    New York, NY

    Los Angeles, CA

    Unlock Message:
    "You've now eaten at a plateful of Mario's restaurants! You clearly love pizza, pasta and the classic design of orange rubber footwear. Now put down that phone and let's eat!"
  • BrenBren July 2011
    Does this have to be 3 different nights?
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    When I got the badge i checked in 3 times in one night. But alot of badges have had unlock changes recently this might be one of them. I know it's still active with recent unlocks posting on twitter. I will play around with this badge 2morro night and see what i can fig out.
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    I just finished the test on this one by checking in to 3 different ones one after another and it unlocks. All four of the listed venues New York are confirmed. I haven't done 3 of the same though.
  • BrenBren July 2011
    I tried all the NY venues in 1 night and no unlock yet. I'll again 3 consecutive nights and see
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    @bren. It is a time sensitive badge so make sure you are within the unlocking hours (and when you use the New York venues you go by NY time). Also check and make sure you are following Mario
  • CastaliaCastalia July 2011
    i unlocked this badge few months ago
    but it got delete it dont know why
    is it cause i unfollowed the page or what is there reason i check all venues and it still shows i already have a check in
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    I have had that happen with a badge before myself. Just checkied into a venue again and got the badge back. Never could figure out what caused the loss of the badge and I had sent 4sqr a message about it and never heard back from them.
  • CastaliaCastalia July 2011
    lool yes
    just like when i applied for super user
    still 1 year no answer
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    When u apply for being a super user if you have any jumping in your history they will deny you forever. If you apply again for becoming a super user they will actually get back to you with a few days now.
  • CastaliaCastalia July 2011
    loool that means i will never be a super user ever
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    same here.. along with almost everyone that uses this site lol
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    @Castalia I was just doing some testing with the Syracuse badge and when I unfollowed Syracuse I did not lose the badge. I don't know what happened to your badge but try deleting the checkins and re-doing the unlock steps (be sure to follow Mario again!)
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    That's ok Jr, I'd rather be a 4sq Sith anyway. The dark side of the force is more fun anyway.
    Seriously though Castalia, let me know if you get your badge back
  • BrenBren July 2011
    @Tymora thx for the help I think my time was off deleted my checkins and now just unlocked. Cheers!!
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    I'm happy for you Bren!
  • CastaliaCastalia July 2011
    @tymora i rechecked again total 2 check ins and it unlocked again
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    Good to hear you got it back though!
  • enojebanenojeban July 2011
    It needs to be different venues?? Or 3 check ins in different nights?
    Any more venues in LA?
    Cause in te webpage are more restaurants :/
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    @enojeban we have not confirmed it with the same venue. If you use 3 different venues you can do them all in the same night but you have to pay attention to the time sensitivity. It only unlocks between 5pm and 1am local time of the restruant.
  • mommy_mido July 2011
    I just unlocked the badge around 5.30PM(local time).with 3 check in different venue.only 15' between venue to venue .
  • LikesTravelLikesTravel October 2011
    No badge after 7 check in , should be inactive or retired?
  • JR1JR1 October 2011
    @LikesTravel Badge is still active. Make sure you followed all the steps in the unlock instructions for this badge you not only have to follow Mario but there is a time window as well that you must checkin during.
  • goldenm October 2011
    Unlocked the badge oct.14.
  • LikesTravelLikesTravel October 2011
    Thank you for your response ..... I did 3 diferents Marios Batali during 5pm to 1 am NY time , and I also try ..... 3 diferents Marios Batali during 5pm to 1 am in Madrid ( SPAIN ) time ...... 3 diffrents days . Something strange happens to me , tonite I will try again. Thanksssss
  • doridori October 2011
    i think, this badge retired, cz i'm 10 ci no badge
  • BrandonBrandon October 2011
    There's tons of unlocks in the past few days. Keep trying and make sure you are checking into the right venues.
  • mr_dracomr_draco October 2011
    also the right time (between 5pm & 1am local time)
  • doridori October 2011
    tx brandon & mr_draco attention me, so i was wrong all this time, cz i'm c.i respectively one night, so i'm agree with likes travel manner, tha is to say c.i in 3 differents day, next time i'm try.
    Next, i'm will REQUEST for help me get player please badge. tx before
    I'm starting to think this badge is retired. Tried unlocking on November 1st with all 4 NYC restaurant check-ins and no badge. Check-ins were timed appropriately. No unlocks on twitter since October 31st. Looks like I missed it by a day :(
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Badge now retired
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